This level 1 Yoga for the visually impaired or blind is your first step in discovering the power of yoga. Yoga is for everyone but the resources are limited for the visually impaired and blind when it comes to audio descriptive content.

I want to change that, that’s why I created this course. It includes 10 thirty-minute yoga videos and 4 meditations. My goal is to prepare you, through these 3 levels, for any yoga class! This is your first step in discovering your inner peace, letting go and loving yourself. I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you and know that I’m always here for support you!

  • You start off the course learning about breathing and methods to release stress!
  • Then you get to experience the theory of yoga by practicing it.
  • All of the techniques you will learn in this course, you can apply into your life to get you feeling happier!
  • The most frequent yoga postures, their names and variations depending on your body’s accessibility.
  • You will complete this course feeling confident enough to take any beginner yoga class in person or online
  • All of the content is audio descriptive AND has visual support!
  • No yoga experience required! This first level is made especially for beginners.
  • You will need a yoga mat or a rectangular towel, a blanket and a pillow!


Welcome to Level 2 of Yoga for the Visually Impared or Blind! Ready to put the skills you learned in Level 1 to practice? In this level we will be creating more flows, combining together the postures we learned. Not to mention, we will also develop our balance and the activation of our muscles. Let’s begin!

What an exciting moment! You’re ready for the 3rd and final level. We will be exploring longer classes, more sequencing, more tools to deal with anxiety and we will top it all off with a unique Bhakti Yoga experience! Join me and let’s embrace our radiant selves!

I’m so glad I met Mya! As someone who is blind, I’ve always wanted to do yoga but there weren’t many resources that were accessible to me. Therefore when Mya beautifully created her yoga program for the blind and visually impaired I was super excited to sign up! The dedication and patience that she puts into every video describing every position is absolutely amazing! From breathing techniques to stretches and positions I have learned many helpful ways to release stress and tension in my life. Mya is such a wonderful person to work with!
Shout out to the one and only Mya Torres! I had a really good experience with her program, being totally blind. I felt good learning yoga for the first time from her, she gives really good descriptions all through video. She knows what's up and she really knows what she’s talking about!
Johnny Munoz
Art Credits

“Welcome Home” animation: Éloise Emery - Oryza Design

Illustrations: Lison.C

Doodles: Alys Ouimet