In my own spiritual growth, what has been most impactful in my progress is making sure that I am surrounded with people who are aligned. Having supportive and good listeners around me, made my journey to living out my alignment easier. If you need some support and want to be held in a safe space to freely share what’s on your heart, I am here. Let’s connect! First calls are always free of charge, their purpose are always just to make sure we feel connected and empowered!           















Since the first time we talked, I knew there was something special about her. Her way of being is just inspiring and she emanates presence and light to anyone that walks into her path. Mya is an example of resilience and endurance, a true inspiration on how to live a life that is filled with love, passion, joy and gratitude. As a teacher, what she cares about the most is that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable to access the practice of Yoga and all of its infinite benefits. I assure you that you will learn, through here loving and compassionate way of teaching, how to embark in your own self-discovery and healing journey.
Maria Virginia Alvarez
If you have to do yourself one favour, it’s get in touch with Mya! Was having some back issues and the yoga she had for me really helped with pain and posture. 10/10 recommend."
I love ALL the content Mya creates. The yoga videos she makes are my favourite. It’s evident that she puts time, effort, and care into every video. After watching, I always feel a little more peaceful than I did before! Slowing down, breathing, and moving my body as an act of self care is so important; this is something I’ve now fully realized after following Mya’s example. I’ve recommended her videos to my friends and they find them so helpful too! Very thankful for how Mya has shared her gifts with me and many others!”
Adda Edwards
Mya personalized a routine for me and I was immediately struck by her obvious passion for the subject. Once she helped me materialize my concerns and goals she built a routine fitting exactly my needs, immensely facilitating my initiation to Yoga and teaching me to take, listen and work on my body. Thank you!
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