Saying Goodbye

I’ve been having to say lots of good byes lately. I really built an incredible support system here in MTL and embarking in Van Life means I have to leave this behind. It’s definitely bitter sweet and it got me thinking, about why I’m sad/emotional when I’m saying good bye to all of these sweethearts? There’s 2 reasons for me:

It’s because I am faced with the reality that I don’t know when I’ll see them again.

It makes me reflect on all that they’ve done for me/ their Importance in my life. 

But why do I only let myself feel this when I’m moving away? In reality, we never know when we will see anyone again. Even the people closest to us like our partners/family that we see daily aren’t certain to be there. We are not entitled to anything in life. Once we embrace that we don’t have control over these situations we can find inner peace. We find ourselves living in the present moment. Saying this many goodbyes lately has inspired me to slow down. Reflect on the beauty that I am currently living and speaking out my gratitude from moment to moment. Why wait until it’s a knowing end to feel gratitude? Life is unpredictable and gratitude can always be found.

The reason I am sad when I say good bye to these people is because I love them and appreciate them. There’s also a certain part of me that wishes I had more time with them. What if I was just more present and grateful when I spent time with them before? Again, why wait until the end to soak it all up? Having the opportunity to say goodbye is a blessing because life sometimes take things away from us suddenly. Say what you need to say, feel what you need to feel and let yourself check in for a moment of gratitude as often as you can! There’s no better time for these heart felt moments then now.

If you need support, I am here.

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